Spending More Than 30 Minutes a Week Speaking On Phone Increases Risk Of High Blood Pressure

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Research published in the European Heart Journal—Digital Health suggests that spending around 30 minutes a week talking on a mobile phone is associated with a 12% higher risk of developing high blood pressure.

Speaking on the phone for a long time is associated with a high risk of hypertension

A study by Professor Xianhui Qin from Southern Medical University in Guangzhou, China, found that the number of minutes spent speaking on the phone is a significant factor in heart health. In addition, the study revealed that more minutes of mobile phone usage is associated with a higher risk of having high blood pressure. However, the study found no correlation between the duration of mobile phone use or the use of hands-free devices and the probability of high blood pressure.

Mobile phones release minimal radiofrequency energy associated with temporary spikes in blood pressure. However, previous studies examining the relationship between mobile phone use and blood pressure have produced conflicting outcomes, likely due to the inclusion of diverse activities like texts, calls, and gaming.

Phone activity linked to hypertension

This study investigated the correlation between phone call activity and the development of hypertension in individuals. The researchers conducted a comprehensive analysis, adjusting for various factors such as age, sex, body mass index, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, hypertension history, education level, blood pressure, smoking habits, blood lipid levels, inflammation markers, blood glucose levels, kidney function, and medication usage for cholesterol and blood glucose management. According to the analysis, individuals with a high genetic risk who spent a minimum of 30 minutes per week talking on a mobile phone had a 33% higher chance of developing high blood pressure relative to those with low genetic risk that spent below 30 minutes a week on the phone. Therefore the findings indicate that the risk of developing high blood pressure may not be affected by mobile phone usage as long as the weekly call time remains below 30 minutes. Although more research is necessary to confirm the findings, people are advised to keep phone usage to a minimum.

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