“Star Wars” Rebooted America’s Radical Origin but Not Anymore. Find out Why

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The 1977 epic tale of George Lucas space Rebels overpowering a planet-destroying Empire is still very clear the minds of many Americans. It was in the front lines of the Star War movies such as A New Hope. This came just after an ambiguous ending of another epic chapter of the Vietnam War, whereby a threat of impeachment had pushed Richard Nixon to down his tools. All these series from Lucas got everyone talking about the power America had over the world.

But the Star Wars is no longer a movie

The Star Wars, which was initially a Strategic Defense Initiative, ceased to be a movie, and the movies still available are not as fascinating as they were. Besides, its missile defense system never produced any tangible results and can only be compared to failing America’s political system.

It is worth noting that some of the Star Wars were among the most money-spinning properties in the 1970s and ’80s. They offered massive diversity. However, today, filmmakers can only look back to ardent nostalgia, given the rising and never-ending conflicts between character arcs and fans.

Efforts to make Star Wars great again

With movies becoming more relevant in the 21st century, there are efforts to bring back to fame the Star Wars. All this began with the latest release of “The Rise of Skywalker.” Its characters include “The Rogue One,’’ “The Force Awakens,” and “The Last Jedi.” 

However, the movie seems not to have delivered as expected by hundreds of fans. Many of them claim that the movie is just but reverence to previous films, meaning it has nothing new. Besides, it is still muddled with race conflicts, and the outcome has left many fans enraged and furious.

Additionally, a clip in the move of a same-sex kiss where two characters are sharing a cuddle has been questioned. The smooch, whose purpose was to escalate the PG-13 rating takes place towards the end of the film.

However, given that same-sex marriage is prohibited in Singapore, the movie may be in danger of possible censorship or harsh ratings. Nonetheless, the movie’s director J.J. Abrams claims that it was aimed at giving the LGBTQ community a representation.

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