Study Finds That Sugary Drinks Increase Unhealthy Amounts of Blood Fats

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A new study in The Journal of Nutrition revealed a connection between sugary drinks and unhealthy fats or lipids. Furthermore, the study obtained data from 29000 participants centred on health and nutrition. First, the scientists narrowed down the consumption of various drinks, such as fruit, sodas, and other beverages. Then, they observed the intake by participants while noting that high consumption increased blood fats.

These unhealthy blood fats comprise triglycerides and LDL cholesterol, among others. In addition, there is a link between blood fats or lipids and cardiovascular disease. The study agrees with previous research on the issue of sugary drinks increasing blood lipids. However, it fails to prove it does.

Added sugars in your diet

Although saturated fats increase cholesterol levels in the body, a sugary diet can lead to the same outcome for a given period. More so, added sugars are dissimilar to natural sugars in meals. Natural sugars already exist in foods such as fruits, whereas people include added sugars in meals. Examples of added sugars are brown sugar, white sugar, and honey.

In addition, sugar has no nutritional value but contains calories. Physicians view (LDL) Low-Density lipoprotein cholesterol as harmful compared to High-Density lipoprotein cholesterol in the medical world. LDL cholesterol is waxy in appearance and causes clogging of arteries.

Lessen sugar intake in your meals

Minimizing sugar intake is important as it will assist you in maintaining healthy amounts of cholesterol in your body. Furthermore, it will help you maintain a healthy body weight. First, it would help if you began by eliminating foods rich in added sugars, such as cakes and cookies. The second step is reducing your consumption of sugary drinks like sodas opting for healthier alternatives like milk and yogurt with no added sugar.

Another better approach is substituting sugary foods with whole foods like oatmeal and fruits. In addition, always check the amount of sugar a food contains on the label before you purchase it. Finally, carry out regular exercises to burn excess calories. Furthermore, cut back on fruit juices. These will increase sugar intake significantly as it takes more fruits to make a fruit juice than one would have eaten in one sitting.

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