Study Reveals Americans’ Sandwich Preferences

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OnePoll surveyed on behalf of French’s Mustard on American’s sandwich-eating habits. They found that 4 in 5 participants were serious about the quality of their sandwiches. For this reason, the researchers found that 62% of the 2002 participants felt loyal to a particular deli or restaurant because of the sandwiches they made.

What Americans looked for in a good sandwich

About 65% of the respondents were likely to sample more than these restaurants before finding something they liked. One thing they looked for was an excellent cheese to meat ratio. Nearly 43% believed the perfect balance consisted of more meat.

The participants also appeared to take their condiments seriously. For example, 66% used 3-6 sauces in a sandwich. They also had different ways of applying the condiments, with 25% drizzling them onto the sandwich and 45% spreading them with a knife. About 44% would use them on both buns.

About 43% of the respondents liked condiments with a creamy texture. This number included 36% who were not as serious about sandwiches. Despite their preference for sauces, 57% considered meat the most crucial part of a sandwich. However, 44% put more emphasis on the type of bread.

Americans also seemed to know what not to add to a sandwich. For instance, one-third believed that olives ruined a sandwich. Millennials, on the other hand, thought that banana peppers were the worst things to add to a sandwich.

According to the Chief Marketing Excellence Officer at McCormick, Jill Pratt, its primary aim is to get more Americans to use mustard on their sandwiches. For this reason, the team was happy to know how seriously Americans took their sandwiches.

Americans try to balance between a healthy sandwich and a guilty indulgence

When it came to the quality of the sandwich, Americans were also concerned about their nutrition. About 38% tried to make them a hearty snack while still indulging their urges. People who took their sandwiches seriously had different opinions, with 58% focusing on them being a guilty indulgence and 39% trying to make a healthy snack.

Many respondents showed they lacked flexibility in their preferred sandwich, with two-thirds continuously ordering the same one. However, 43% would try something new if a friend or family member recommended it.

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