Study Shows That the Pandemic Has Pushed Americans to Try New Things

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A study conducted by One Poll on behalf of Califia Farms has found that many Americans want to try new things after the coronavirus pandemic. The survey of 2000 Americans found that 6 in 10 of the participants had wanted to try something different during the pandemic. However, the average respondent hasn’t done anything new in about two months. About 12% have even gone longer.

Certain personalities were more likely to try new things

Researchers found that the participant’s personalities influenced their desire to try something new. For example, some respondents described themselves as daring (5%), others were curious (15%), while others were adventurous.

Participants who desired themselves as cautious (11%) or practical (21%) still liked to try new things. For instance, many participants wanted to have different choices when it came to books (38%), new experiences(42%, entertainment (64%), and food and beverages (67%).

Researchers found that 81% of the respondents have spiced up their routines since the pandemic began. Another 78% felt positive after trying something for the first time. 

Americans feel positive after trying new things

Respondents reported that they had felt a lot of positive emotions after trying something new. They felt contentment (51%), energized (52%), creative (53%), and happy (60%). Despite this, 53% admitted feeling overwhelmed when they had too many options from which to pick.

The average respondent felt they only needed five options, while 23% thought they would do best with three choices. Curiosity drove 24% of the participants to add something different to their routines; 18% had been motivated by a family member or friend, while a spouse moved 14%.

According to the Chief Marketing Officer of Califia Farms, Suzanne Ginestro, people like variety in their meals to experiment with new things. Trying new ingredients or flavors can feel exciting and fresh.

The average American tries about four new things yearly. About 2 in 3 have experienced positive changes after doing something different. Another 63% admit to enjoying the latest thing they tried even though they avoided it for years.

Most of the participants say they will still try new things. About 68% of them plan to add variety into their lives after returning to their pre-pandemic lifestyles.

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