Systematic Review Shows Vapes Explode, Leaving People With Lifelong Injuries

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E-cigarettes are becoming popular among young people, causing concern for parents and schools due to lung health risks. However, there is also a risk of the device exploding, which can result in severe damage to the face, teeth, and jaw, although this is rare.

Vapes explode and cause serious injuries

The study published in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery by La Trobe University researchers investigated cases of exploding vapes worldwide. Out of 32 rare instances recorded in the last decade, the injuries caused by exploding vapes were found to be serious, including extensive burns, blast injuries, and even death as a result of projectiles dislodging into the brain.

Out of the 32 recorded cases, around 105 injuries to the face, including jaw reconstruction, were reported. Clinicians reported serious injuries to throats, faces, and jaws, with 62% requiring surgery. There may be unreported cases, or doctors don’t want to publish findings; Research also shows several injuries to thighs, hips, and legs from vapes exploding in pockets.

Of the 32 cases made public, 105 injuries were identified in the facial area, some of which necessitated extensive surgical procedures, such as jaw reconstruction.

Some of the injuries required surgery

Additionally, healthcare professionals recorded severe injuries affecting the facial, throat, and jaw regions. For example, as much as 62% of patients encountered bone or tooth fractures, requiring various medical procedures such as dental extraction, ocular surgery, bone and skin grafts, and internal fixation and open reduction surgery.

It is worth noting that these cases are only the ones that have been reported, and there could be numerous other instances where patients do not seek medical assistance or their treating physicians do not publish their discoveries.

Explosions from e-cigarettes are rare in Australia, but there is concern that someone could be seriously injured or killed. The debate on regulating e-cigarettes in Australia is focused on nicotine vapes, but users must also be aware of other risks. E-cigarettes are not regulated or safety tested; education and regulation are needed to improve their security.

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