Taking Care Of Pets Is stressful Than Caring For Children, Study Shows

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New research indicates that taking care of a pet is more stressful than managing a romantic relationship or being a parent, as per a survey of 2,000 pet owners. The survey revealed that 42% of respondents are more stressed about their ability to care for their pets than their relationship with a partner (37%) or their children (30%).

Pet-owners say their pets also experience stress

The heightened stress level could be linked to the fact that 51% of respondents believe their pets are also experiencing stress. To help their pets feel calmer, the human companions suggested spending more time outside (47%), connecting with other pets (46%), spending more time with them (44%), and seeking the assistance of a pet therapist (43%).

Commissioned by OnePoll on behalf of ElleVet Sciences to commemorate Pet Wellness Month, the research likewise uncovered that individuals contemplate their pet’s maturation with the same frequency as they reflect upon their own aging process (65% each).

Pet owners can recognize signs of their pets slowing down, including reduced energy (56%), loss of interest in favorite activities (54%), and difficulty with stairs (51%). Similarly, individuals also notice signs of aging in themselves, like decreased energy (60%), joint soreness (48%), and a decline in enjoyment of usual activities (48%).

Digestion and inability to play main concerns for pet owners

The primary concerns regarding pet health are digestion issues (37%), the inability to play and enjoy life (37%), and heart health (33%). As for personal health concerns, they revolve around the ability to engage in sports or activities without fear of injury (39%), heart health (38%), and digestion (37%).

Approximately 68% of individuals who care for pets expressed that witnessing their beloved animal age and endure discomfort would cause them profound emotional distress. This sentiment was even stronger compared to losing a valuable possession (62%), facing unemployment (61%), or undergoing a divorce or separation from a partner (61%). A significant number of these pet owners have fond memories of growing up with a furry companion during their childhood, with their thoughts often turning to these cherished memories more than three times a week.

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