The Best Electricity And Gas Suppliers To Consider In The UK

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If you live in the UK and are looking for a good and reliable energy provider to supply your gas and electricity needs, then you are in luck because there are multiple providers in the country. However, the variety makes it challenging to choose the ideal provider.

When choosing a good gas and electricity provider, you should focus on reliability and affordability. Fortunately, we have listed down some of the most affordable and reliable providers that you can find in the UK, thus making your selection much easier. If you have an existing gas and electricity utility service provider, consider using to compare prices with other utility companies. The process will require you to input your area code and the current electricity and gas tariff you are on.

  1. Ecotricity

If you are conscious about the environment and you want to contribute to the green movement through cleaner energy habits, then perhaps you should consider Ecotricity. Just like its name suggests, this is a utility company that is focused on delivering green electricity and gas at competitive industry rates. The company generates its electricity through wind and solar while its gas is sourced from a frack-free shale. It has been the most stable utility suppliers since 2013 with no price changes since then. It is so reliable that it has the lowest number of customer complaints in the utility industry according to a customer satisfaction survey.

  • E.ON

Although it is owned by a German company with the same name, it started out as PowerGen in the UK before it was acquired by E.ON in 2002. It started operating under the current title in 2007. The company supplies power to around 8 million customers across the UK. It supplies both residential and industrial customers. It is also a company that is focused on green energy. The company has 21 wind farms in the UK, and also the largest biomass electricity generating facilities in the country.

  • Shell Energy

It recently rebranded from First Utility in 2019 after being acquired by the oil and gas company. the acquisition aims to focus on providing electricity for domestic and industrial use, as well as fuels including clean fuels such as hydrogen and biofuels.

  • Robinhood Energy

This is another gas and electricity utility company that offers some of the best possible deals out there. It is able to achieve competitively low rates because it is not a profit-focused company. Instead, it aims to deliver the lowest prices possible for electricity and gas consumers in the UK. This allows it to focus on delivering a good customer experience.

  • Npower

This is another one of the major electricity and gas suppliers in the UK with millions of clients in the European country. It is able to achieve such a high number of customers thanks to its competitive pricing strategy. It not only prides itself on being one of the best electricity and gas providers in the UK, but it has also been acknowledged and awarded as one of the best companies in terms of energy, water, and waste management.

  • GB Energy

This is another UK-based utility company that provides electricity and gas to its customers at affordable and competitive rates. It aims to do so by maintaining a high level of efficiency in its operations, thus allowing it to transfer those savings into low rates for customers. It happens to be one of the most affordable utilities companies in the UK and also one of the most reliable.

  • Engie

This is another one of the major electricity and gas companies that have widespread operations in the UK. It has earned itself recognition as one of the best utility companies just through competitive pricing but also its heavy focus on sustainable energy, liquefied natural gas and energy efficiency in general.

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