The Calories Input-Output Weight Loss Technique

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Most of the time, you are told to watch your intake of calories while performing activities that burn excess calories. The calories consumed should be less compared to those burned. In the end, individuals appear to lose weight as a result, thus providing proof of this approach. Overreliance on this technique has been the leading cause individuals are told lack of accountability results in being overweight. However, this approach can be scrutinized to see its viability. Furthermore, calories counting can be difficult for beginners. While there are many guidelines, many of them are inaccurate making it difficult to achieve weight loss.

Calorie calculation is riddled with inaccuracies

Apps used in calculating calorie intake rely on inputs based on an individual’s height and age. They process the information and give an answer based on the collected data. However, the solution is worked on with averages, thus giving you approximations. Another factor to remember is the difference in metabolic rate from person to person. Moreover, our metabolic rate depends on other factors, such as our diet.

In addition to this, the calorie intake is also inaccurate. The calories displayed in nutrition information don’t give 100% accuracy. More so, our body responds differently to calories from different sources. For example, eating nuts with a calorie count of 180 and eating pizza with a calorie count of 180. While majority of the pizza calories will be absorbed in the body, only 20% will be absorbed in the nuts.

Disruption of the calorie technique by the body

Upon less consumption of calories, the body takes note and adjusts accordingly. It does this by minimizing the metabolic rate entering into a survival mode. The hormones in our body make us want more food, limiting our need to feel satisfied. Low calorie consumption impacts our brain function by minimizing our judgment on the foods we eat.

The calorie intake technique overlooks the different outcomes it sets once implemented. The body sets many mechanisms in motion as a response to counteract it. For this reason, calorie counting is not the only solution one should apply to weight loss.

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