The Dutch Government Warns Citizens About Radioactive Anti-5G Accessories

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The Dutch government has announced that wristbands for children, sleep masks, and necklaces that allegedly shield people from the negative impact of 5G phone networks are radioactive. For this reason, the government has warned that they should stop wearing them and store them safer until they receive instructions on how to return them.

The accessories have ionizing radiation 

Nuclear specialists warn people who wear these pendants due to conspiracies that 5G phone networks are harmful to stop having them. These necklaces are harmful as they have dangerous ionizing radiation.

According to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, ionizing radiation makes electrons in your atoms unstable, causing them to separate. This effect could damage your cells and cause cancer.

The Dutch Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection has issued product alerts for five different types of bracelets, including one marketed to children, two necklaces, a sleep mask, and a pendant.

The merchants in the Netherlands selling these products have been asked by the authority to stop. Moreover, they are to inform their customers about the dangers of the products.

Conspiracies about the 5-G networks have caused the sale of anti-5G devices

Conspiracy theories about the 5G phone networks have been rising despite no proof that they impact health. These conspiracies were even more common at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Supporters of the conspiracy say that 5G could cause dizziness and headaches. The sale of product that protects people from the 5G network has also increased.

The notifications have affected Energy Armor and Magnetix Wellness. Scientists found that the products are relatively radioactive. However, the extensive wearing of these accessories could be detrimental and cause DNA and tissue damage.

Wearing such an accessory for a long time could expose people to 21.9 millisieverts of ionizing radiation. This amount is half of the maximum amount a radiation worker in the U.S should be exposed to. Wearing them for a whole year, for twenty-four hours a day, could worsen your condition.

Despite efforts by scientists and the Dutch government, some dangerous items could still be up for sale on Amazon and Shopify. Some of these products, such as the Quantum Pendant, claim additional health benefits like focus and improved circulation.

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