The Most Affordable Cities To Retire With A Fixed Income

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No one is too young to plan for retirement. Aging is a phase of life that is inevitable as long as one is alive. Likewise, retirement provides an opportunity to enjoy the fruits of long years of hard work in the job market. While others desire to explore new areas and new surroundings upon retirement, others cherish the opportunity of living in the countryside away from the noise and sounds of buzzing cities.

No matter where you decide to spend your sunset years, the goal should be living somewhere that accords peace of mind while addressing all your needs. Below are some of the best retirement places for retires with fixed income.

Charlotte North Carolina

For Budget-conscious retirees, Charlotte North Carolina is the place to be. Unlike in other cities, retirees are guaranteed affordable housing, among other amenities in the city. For those who do not wish to stay by themselves, then there are more than 20 adult living communities where one can enroll affordably.

Lower health costs should also excite fixed-income retirees as costs in the state are 5% lower compared to other states.

Athens Georgia

Athens in the state of Georgia United States has ranked as one of the best retirement locations over the years. Moderate climate ideal for aging bodies as well as tax-friendly policies should excite seniors who may not have the strength to fend for themselves

Renowned for Greek architecture, the city comes with golf courses as well as theaters and cultural events where the elderly can spend quality time. Rent in the city is reasonable, as seniors are also exempt from taxation on social security income.

Boise Idaho

Affordable housing and plenty of outdoor activities are some of the reasons to retire in Boise, Idaho. Beautiful scenery made up of rocky mountains, and green space spread throughout the city should excite seniors looking to spend quality time after retirement.

In addition to the median home price, the city also offers seniors tax exemption on social security income.

Algarve Portugal

For those looking to retire abroad, Algarve in Portugal should offer an ideal retiring space. The southernmost city is one of the most inexpensive cities in Europe with plenty of amenities for the elderly. With less than $3,000 a month, you can live comfortably in the city while enjoying sandy beaches and delicious food. In addition, it is one of the safest cities.

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