The Most Common Guilty Pleasure TV Shows


Everyone has a bunch of shows they really love. Most of those shows are really popular and in most cases, they are also critically acclaimed. But what about the shows that aren’t? We all have at least one show that’s so bad that we are ashamed that we like to watch them. If you’re denying this then that definitely means that you have at least one show that’s your guilty pleasure series.

Thankfully, you can feel at ease knowing that everyone has their own guilty pleasure. In that name, here are some TV shows that are the most common guilty pleasures.

Keeping Up With the Cardashians – I watched this “thing” once and I can’t believe how dumb and pointless it is. But I did get hooked on something for a couple of minutes. I also didn’t really notice that I watched a whole episode. Oh, God…

Grey’s Anatomy – Many would say that this show is amazing, but it really isn’t! Think about it, it’s been going on for 12 freakin years! There was a point when it was somewhat good, but with so many seasons and rehashing the same drama, it just turned into a bad telenovela. So many of them died, so much drama happened, that it’s impossible to consider any of it to be normal and good.

Gossip Girl – Naturally, this one has to be here. I never watched it (or did I?) but I know how terrible it is. I mean, the name says it all. The worst thing about this guilty pleasure gem is that they actually tried to turn it into a good show. Why? It’s impossible if your show deals with ludicrous things like this one.

Every Investigation Show on Discovery Channel – Is there a reason to single out one? No. Everything here is terrible and every one of us feels like an idiot for actually watching these. I mean, those ridiculously bad reenactments of crimes, overdramatic narrators, it all simply screams guilty pleasure. No doubt about it…

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