The Most Compelling Video Game Villains

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Movies and TV shows are not the sole proprietors of amazing characters, especially not of awesome villains. Video games have a lot of those, and what’s more, they often have more compelling villains that the other two. Let’s have a look at those.

The Illusive Man and especially the Reapers from the Mass Effect trilogy

The most popular space trilogy in video game history naturally has some very interesting villains. Many people actually loved the games precisely because of that. The Illusive Man is the perfect illustration of power-hungry humans with some traditional yet borderline evil attitudes. This type of people is often seen in the real world and most of us can barely believe how they got where they are with such disgusting ways of thinking.

The Reapers though are a whole different thing. The ever-looming disaster, the Reapers are a constant threat in Mass Effect, one that really gives you the chills. They truly were thought out in the most spectacular way. Oh and that voice…

GlaDOS from the Portal games

The Portal games were a nice, refreshing surprise on the scene, and much of that is thanks to GLaDOS, the intelligent and cruel AI that’s a constant problem to the player. You can’t escape her, but somehow you don’t even want to. Her constant snarky comments and attempts of manipulation are too good to pass on.

Arthas from the Warcraft series

Everyone who has played these amazing strategy games knows that this is true. He is the ultimate good guy who becomes the ultimate evil. Fall stories are always fun, and this one is even more than that. His character is actually quite compelling and well thought-out. He continues to astonish most players even today, after so many years since the game’s release.

Vaas Montenegro from Far Cry 3

Far Cry games always had some amazing villains, but Vaas is a whole different level. From his story, motives, and the things he does, to the overall madness of his character, he’s just one-of-a-kind villain that deserves a place in every article of this sorts. Most of this is also thanks to the voice actor and especially for his chilling monologue about the definition of insanity. It’s one character that no player will ever forget.

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