The Most Underrated Game of Thrones Episodes


The most popular show on the planet naturally features some truly astonishing episodes. What’s more, every one of their episodes is watched carefully as if it’s a separate movie. But it sometimes happens that some good episodes slip under the radars of many. They mostly remain forgotten when they should be praised as one of the best. Here are some of those.

Season 2 Episode 5 “The Ghost of Harrenhal”

This entire season is largely forgotten, except for the amazing episode 9 that no one will ever forget. But episode 5 also has a lot of important moments. Besides the fact that it’s very intriguing, the episode offers some important moments for the series. Renly’s murder happens, which in turn leads Brienne to join Catelyn. We also get to truly meet Margaery’s character. But let’s not forget Arya’s truly memorable time that she spends working as Tywin’s cupbearer. This was also one of the best diversions from the books the show ever did.

Season 6 Episode 3 “Oathbreaker”

This episode features the Tower of Joy scenes from the past. That alone is enough to make the episode more than astonishing. The scene gave us a lot of important information on the past events that lead to the entire series arc. It also gave us one of the best fighting scenes in the series so far!

Season 2 Episode 7 “A Man Without Honor”

Yes, another one from season 2. This season is truly one of the least remembered and yet it offers so many important and breathtaking moments. But this episode is special in its own unique way. It gives us several truly disturbing moments, even for GoT standards. Jaime kills his cousin in order to escape, which was surprising and sickening even though we’ve seen him do all sorts of unspeakable things. Then there’s the part where Xaro betrays Dany and where we see the most throats sliced in the entire show. And last but not least, we get to see Theon reveal the two charred bodies of two little boys who are supposed to be Bran and Rickon. Master Luwin’s heartbreaking scream will also live on and especially Theon’s face that perfectly portrays his realization of what he’s become.

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