The Real Cost Of Funerals In Ireland

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Funeral costs can be fairly low or ridiculously expensive, depending on where you are. While this might be an uncomfortable topic, it is one that you should consider looking into, especially if you wish to ensure that your family will not face financial hardships in case of your untimely demise. If you happen to live in Ireland, some interesting statistics paint a good picture of the average funeral costs.

The data is based on a survey that was conducted by Marketing Partners from July 26th to August 5th in 2016. According to the survey, the cost of a regular funeral is around €4,062, and it includes the cost of caring for the deceased body, funeral home costs, hearse services, the coffin, and the funeral director fee. Note that this cost does not include priest service or the cost of making the obituary.

Of course, not all places in Ireland will have the same funeral costs. For example, the lowest cost of a funeral in Co. As per the survey, Wexford is €3,408, while the highest cost in Clare and Sligo counties. There are also other costs to consider when planning for a funeral in Ireland. For example, you have to consider the burial site cost. Getting a plot at a public graveyard can be quite expensive, depending on the location. For example, a double plot graveyard will set you back €32,000 in Deansgrange Dublin while in contrast, a similar-sized graveyard in Shanganagh, Dublin, goes for roughly €5,600. Therefore, such factors can influence huge differences in costs depending on the region where the funeral will take place.

Coffin cost

If there is a funeral, there will be a coffin in Ireland, even if it will be cremated. The cost of a coffin will also vary depending on various factors, including the location in Ireland. They are more expensive in Laois and Kerry, where one coffin may go for €2,000. You can secure one at a more moderate cost in Dublin where the average cost of a good coffin is €1,750 and Cork, where the average cost is €1,750. There are also other locations where they are cheaper, such as Waterford, where a coffin goes for as low as €1,177.


These are the other less obvious costs: having a priest presiding over the funeral ceremony, the cost of flowers, printing the funeral program, and others. Disbursement costs may range anywhere from a few hundred pounds to thousands of pounds depending on various factors.


Judging by the above costs, it is clear that dying is an expensive affair in Ireland, but unfortunately, it is an inevitable life stage. The expensive nature of funerals means that it might be financially taxing to your family, and so it is why many people ensure that they have enough money set aside to cater to their funeral costs in case of their demise. Another common approach is life insurance coverage, so that the money from the payout can be used to support the cost of the funeral while the rest supports their families.

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