Top 30 Beautiful Women Behind Players from Brazil

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Brazilian football has always been one of the best in the world, often the best. They always have amazing players, and new ones just keep on coming to prove their worth. But what about the wives and girlfriends of these players? Let’s take a look at how many beautiful women stand behind these truly amazing football players.

  1. The amazing David Luiz has had a gorgeous girlfriend – Sara Madeira, for quite a while now. They are now engaged as well!
  2. The amazing Danilo is married to the pretty Clarice.
  3. Philippe Coutinho and his wife Aine look lovely together. They also have a child who’ll probably grow up to look as great as the parents.
  4. Fred (the older one) is happily married to the stunning Paula Armani.
  5. The younger and definitely more famous Fred has a gorgeous girlfriend according to his Instagram account.
  6. Neymar is famous for his many relationships. He is still quite young and we already know that he has had at least 18 different girlfriends. Wow. One of them gave him a son who he seems to truly love more than anything.
  7. Douglas Costa is definitely one lucky guy. He is married to the stunning Luisa Ramos.
  8. Marquinhos has been married since 2016 to the absolutely beautiful Carol Cabrino. She made a video back in 2017 that took the Internet by storm telling him she’s pregnant.
  9. The amazing goalkeeper Allison has had a wife since 2015 – the lovely Natalia Loewe.
  10. The famous Brazilian defender Thiago Silva is happily married to the gorgeous Isabele da Silva.
  11. Like most of his teammates, Paulinho is also married – to the lovely Barbara Cartaxo.
  12. The amazing midfielder Casemiro has an equally amazing and truly beautiful wife – Anna Mariana. They’ve been married since 2014.
  13. Alex Sandro is also a married man. His wife is Natalia Regina.
  14. Another Brazilian goalkeeper – Cassio Ramos, is married to Janara Sackl. They have two children.
  15. Rafinha is a happily married man. His wife is the gorgeous Carolina Santana.
  16. The secretive Pedro Geromel is married but he hasn’t disclosed any information about his wife. This just makes us want to know even more!
  17. Filipe Luis is married to the cute Patricia Kasmirski. They also have a child.
  18. As with the other 2 goalkeepers of Brazil, Ederson is also married. His wife is the absolutely stunning Lais Moraes.
  19. Diego Souza has been happily married for over a decade. His wife is Luciana Iunes Comes and they have two children.
  20. Roberto Firmino definitely has one of the hottest wives on this list. Larissa Pereira is an Instagram star and a model as well. Naturally.
  21. Dani Alves is also lucky with a gorgeous wife – Joana Sanz. She is as gorgeous as any model can be. Probably more.
  22. Fernandinho is also married. His wife is the lovely Glaucia Roza.
  23. Rodrigo Caio seems to have a girlfriend (a beautiful one!) according to his Instagram posts.
  24. Willian is one lucky guy. He’s been married to the beautiful Vanessa Martins since 2011.
  25. Gualano de Paula is married to Adressa Domingues Marchi de Paula.
  26. You all know Marcelo, but do you know that he has a gorgeous wife as well? He’s been married to the stunning Clarisse Alves for an entire decade! They have a son as well.
  27. The amazing Taison has a wife – the lovely Gabriela Matias.
  28. The famous goalkeeper – Diego Alves, is another secretive player. We only know that he has a wife and two children.
  29. Diego has been married since 2010. His wife is the cute Bruna Leticia Ribas da Cunha.
  30. Diego Tardelli has been a happily married man since 2007. His wife is Linda Vanessa.

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