Top 30 Beautiful Women Behind Players in Real Madrid

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Real Madrid is one of the best, if not the best football club on the planet. They also, naturally, have some of the best players in the world. But who are the gorgeous ladies behind these talented and rich boys and guys? That’s what we are here to find out…

  1. Casemiro is a happy man, he is married to the beautiful makeup artist – Anna Mariana Casemiro.
  2. The lucky Sergio Ramos is in a long-term relationship with the truly gorgeous Pilar Rubio.
  3. The young and fit Marcos Llorente currently has a girlfriend, the gorgeous Patricia.
  4. The famous defender Marcelo Vieira is definitely happy with his amazing wife – Clarisse Alves. They’ve been married since 2008.
  5. Keylor Navas has been married to a lovely lady for almost a full decade. Her name is Andrea Salas and she is truly beautiful.
  6. Luka Modric is a married man. He has been since 2010 and his wife is the pretty Vanja Bosnic.
  7. Jesus Vallejo has a gorgeous girlfriend with a beautiful name of Maria.
  8. The Welsh superstar Gareth Bale is currently dating the hot Emma Rhys-Jones.
  9. Dani Carvajal is in a committed relationship with the gorgeous Adriana Agudo.
  10. Toni Cross has found the love of his life and his biggest support in the beautiful Jessica Farber.
  11. How about Christiano Ronaldo? It’s really not a strange that his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez is a truly gorgeous lady.
  12. Isco is in a relationship at the moment, with the beautiful Victoria Calderon Montanez.
  13. Karim Benzema has a girlfriend, the hot Analicia Chaves. But is she the only one?
  14. Achraf Hakimi definitely has one of the most beautiful girlfriends in his team, but that’s just my opinion. Her name is Lucia Utrera.
  15. Luca Zidane is a lucky guy, he has a gorgeous girlfriend with the name of Charlotte De Froment.
  16. Kiko Casilla is a married man. His wife is the lovely Rosa Isern.
  17. Raphael Varane is also a married guy and has a stunning wife with the name Camille Tytgat.
  18. Mateo Kovacic is another footballer to marry a model. Her name is Izabel Andrijanic and she is stunningly gorgeous!
  19. Theo Hernandez has a lovely girlfriend – Adriana Pozueco. But she is not a Madridista, can you imagine?
  20. Nacho is one of the players with the longest running marriage. He has been married to the gorgeous Delfina Blaquier since 2004.
  21. Dani Ceballos has a pretty girl by his side and her name is Maria Sanchez del Moral.
  22. Fabio Coentrao is married to the beautiful Andreia Santos.
  23. Lucas Vazquez is happily married to the lovely Macarena Rodriguez.
  24. Marco Asensio is definitely happy with his stunning girlfriend, Marina Muntaner.
  25. The very young Federico Valverde has a beautiful girlfriend with the name of Julieta Rivera.
  26. James Rodriguez used to be married, but now the times have changed. He has a gorgeous busty girlfriend at the moment – Helga Lovekaty.
  27. Martin Odegaard has a really pretty girlfriend at the moment – Oda Burud.
  28. Former Real player Jese Rodriguez, up until recently had a lovely girlfriend by the name of Aurah Ruiz. It’s a shame that they split up.
  29. Former Real Madrid player Pepe, who played for a whole decade in this club, is married to the lovely Ana Sofia Moreira.
  30. We can’t miss on the famous Iker Casillas who is no longer with the club, unfortunately. His wife is the gorgeous Sara Carbonero.

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