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Health insurance transfers your medical bill to a third party if you fall sick or get an injury. In addition to the public health insurance scheme, many private health insurance schemes are available in the UK.

The best health insurance should cover you from many things like diagnostics and testing, and in and outpatient treatments. The UK health insurance market is dominated by four major players who occupy 90% of the market.

Bupa Health Insurance

BUPA is the largest health insurance company in the UK in terms of policies sold. The company offers comprehensive cover or diagnosis and treatment. In addition, the company covers in and outpatient as well as mental health.

Founded in 1947, the company currently has 2.7 million health insurance customers. Compared to other policies, Bupa’s policies offer very few options to choose from. The company owns several hospitals, care homes, and dental hospitals.

AXA PPP Health Insurance

Starting in 1940, and with over 80 years of market experience, AXA is the second largest health insurance company in the UK. The company has won numerous awards and is well known for innovation.

The company offers cover to various categories include outpatient, mental health, therapies, dental care, travel Insurance for medical cover for those outside UK, extra cancer care, and optician cashback.

Aviva Health Insurance

This is one of the largest insurance companies in the UK and offers almost all covers. The company offers only the Healthier Solution insurance level. This level can be customized using several add-ons.

Started in 1696, Aviva has more than 15 million customers. The company has won several awards and offer a variety of purposes.

Aviva has several options to help customers cut costs. The company offers several excess levels to help reduce monthly premiums. Customers have an option to select a hospital of their choice. 

Vitality Health Insurance

Vitality offers health and life insurance. The company offers a combination of healthcare services that come with various discounts and rewards. The company is always committed to its customers’ good health because if you are healthy, you will claim less. Vitality offers its members a 50% discount on a Virgin Active gym membership. The company is also using technologies like the wearables to help monitor the health of their members.

Vitality’s health insurance policy is one of the best in UK and is rated “excellent” with a comprehensive range of features and benefits. The company offers in and outpatient covers and full cancer cover. One big advantage of Vitality is that it allows customers to select the cover they need according to their needs, regardless of cover levels. The company allows customers to set cover levels for various categories of treatment. Its policy comes with health and leisure rewards and discounts to help customers understand their health and engage in healthy activities. The company has partnered with selected providers to offer up to 50% discount on health checks.

Health-On-Line Insurance

This is a newer insurance company in the UK, having been founded in 2000. The company was formed to bring a new approach to the industry. The company has since grown and is currently part of AXA Group. The company had paid £800m in claims in 2013. The companies have integrated their operations, including sharing sales teams.

The company says its services are aimed to give control of its cover by offering choices and modules that meet their needs. Its main target is to make health insurance readily available.

Saga Health Insurance

Sage Health Insurance mainly offers insurance services to those over 50 years. The company offers Super, its top-of-the-range product that covers both in and outpatient treatment and diagnostics. The company offers unlimited covers to services like hospital fees, surgeon’s fees, cancer treatments, and diagnostic tests.

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