Weightlifting is an Alternative to Blood Pressure Medication

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Including very physical exercise such as weightlifting in an intense to highly intense routine can minimize elevated blood pressure. This was revealed in a new study by Brazilian scientists. The study focused on the impacts of physical activity on hypertension. It scrutinized 21000 scholarly articles to provide critical insights. The articles’ findings would significantly influence many Americans with hypertension.

This study if important as about 1 in 4 people in the U.S have high blood pressure. Unfortunately, most cases are unreported as the disease might not manifest with symptoms. Fortunately, lifestyle changes can help treat hypertension with weightlifting being an alternative.

How researchers conducted the study

Giovana Rampazzo, the team leader, explained that physical exercise conducted for two and a half months reduced blood pressure. The systolic pressure fell to 10mmHg while diastolic pressure fell to 4.79mmHg. Past studies focused on the impacts of aerobic exercise on minimizing elevated blood pressure. The study involved a total of 253 participants, all with hypertension. Blood pressure lowered after 20 exercise sessions. The advantages of the sessions were vivid for 14 weeks after the conclusion. Crucial factors like intensity, frequency, and volume must be considered for physical exercise to be effective for persons with elevated blood pressure.

Conclusions that scientists drew from the study

Giovana says physical exercise is an alternative treatment for persons with elevated blood pressure while considering the crucial factors in play. The study revealed that physical exercise with intense loads minimized blood pressure. The study involved participants ranging from ages 60 to 68. Physical exercise reduced blood pressure in ages 18-50 more effectively than in ages 51-70.

The study took into account individuals who were on hypertension medication. It also factored in the lack of gender scrutiny in the analysis, which included both sexes. Regardless of these two aspects, the study still shows the importance of physical exercise in reducing high blood pressure. Moreover, it improves heart health.

This study could have a huge impact on the treatment of high blood pressure. Advising patients with the disease to start weight lifting could positively impact their health. It could also protect against drug side effects.

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