What Is Sleep Apnea And What Are Its Remedies?

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Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder characterized by breathing problems during sleep, thus preventing one from getting good-quality sleep even if they sleep for a long time. If you have sleeping apnea, the chances are that you have a disturbed kind of sleep due to not being able to breathe properly. You might also experience heavy snoring if you have this health condition.

The disrupted sleep and lack of proper breathing often cause people suffering from sleep apnea to wake up feeling tired. This often affects their performance in day-to-day activities, especially at the workplace. However, worry not because the health condition can be addressed through the following remedies:

  • Ensure you maintain a healthy diet

Scientific research suggests that obesity is one of the leading causes of sleep apnea. Obesity leads to too much body mass even in the airways, especially in the nasal cavity and throat, which may push muscles together, thus causing the breathing problems. This causes a lower quality of sleep, which in turn, results increases your chances of a heart attack. A healthier diet, therefore, goes a long way in preventing diabetes and thus preventing sleep apnea and other related issues.

  • Consider using antioxidants

Scientific research indicates that antioxidants are an effective approach to eliminating sleep apnea. For example, regularly taking vitamin C ensures that blood vessels are in good condition and thus facilitating proper blood flow. Reduced blood constriction in the throat may ease the symptoms of sleep apnea. Supplements such as omega 3, selenium, fatty acids, and vitamin-E have also demonstrated the ability to ease sleep apnea. However, antioxidants are not officially recognized as sleep apnea treatment.

  • Workout regularly

Regular exercise is another means that you can use to stop sleep apnea. Working out regularly allows you to burn body fat, including the fat that ends up clogging the airway while you sleep. This is particularly an effective tool for getting rid of sleep apnea when combined with proper dieting habits. The two boost the efficiency of burning fat and maintaining one’s body mass at the right levels.

  • Get a CPAP machine

Not many people are comfortable with the idea of machine-aided sleep, but if the sleep apnea is extreme, and other methods fail, then using a CPAP machine becomes the next viable option. The machine allows the user to sleep more effectively by pushing air down their airway, forcing the tissues that may be closing the airway to open. The CPAP machine allows the user to get more air, thus facilitating a better quality of sleep. However, getting a CPAP machine will likely require a doctor’s prescription, depending on the regulation in your area. Your doctor will determine whether it is the right step based on your condition.

  • Keep off alcohol and substance abuse.

If you visit a doctor and you he/she gives you a sleep apnea diagnosis, then one of the questions they will likely ask is whether you consume alcohol. The reason for this is that alcohol might be the contributing factor to your sleep apnea condition. Alcohol tends to lower the quality of your sleep while elevating other sleeping problems. Your doctor will thus likely ask you to stay away from alcohol if you want to get rid of your sleep apnea. The same applies if you are a smoker and you have sleep apnea. This is because smoking causes inflammation in your airway, thus exasperating your sleep apnea.


It is always good to see a doctor if you have sleep apnea so that he/she can describe the best course of action that will help you overcome the condition. Perhaps it might even be caused by some other underlying factors, and thus seeing a doctor may help uncover them and thus get you on the path to a quick recovery.

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