What Is The Impact of Being Struck By Lightning?

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Although people dread getting struck by lightning, it shouldn’t be as scary as it appears because nine in ten people hit by lightning always survive. For instance, a Man in the UK was hit by lightning, but after being rushed to hospital, he was treated and allowed to go home after eight hours. 

Most people struck by lightning often survive. 

According to National Weather Service, most people survive lightning but are left with various levels of disability. For instance, between 2009 and 2018, 27 deaths in the US out of 270 cases of lightning reported. 

Aiden Rowan indicated in an Instagram post that he was playing video games in his house on September 5 at around 10:30 PM before suddenly hearing a loud crack and a heavy sensation on his body. He spent five hours in the hospital, and doctors confirmed that he had been struck by lightning through an open window.

The man told Metro that it was almost a minute before he could come back to his senses and he was left confused after the incident. He explained that he felt a sensation in his arms and went upstairs for a wet towel. His husband immediately took him to the hospital.

The UK heatwave made the earth too hard, according to the physicians, which is why the lightning reflected off the waters through the glass. He was fortunate to only sustain a few wounds and a little burn to his hand and left arm.

Lightning has short and long-term effects on people. 

Lightning affects people differently, and survivors can suffer both long- and short-term effects. Among the effects of being struck by lightning are dizziness, confusion, cardiac arrest, headaches, seizures, distractibility, memory deficits, chronic pain and personal changes. In addition, sometimes survivors can experience mood and personality changes associated with depression bouts. 

According to lightning researcher Mary Ann Cooper, lightning rewires the brain in the same way the electric shock scrambles a computer. However, there are still some mysteries about lightning than need to be unrivalled in the future. 

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