Why River Cruising Should Be On Your Bucket List The Next Time You Go On Vacation

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Cruising in the ocean is fun, but it comes with a lot of challenges. For example, a storm may arise unexpectedly, and it can get quite uncomfortable. However, there is another less concerning option called river cruising, which you should probably add to your bucket list if you are one for exciting getaways.

A river cruise is the type of cruise where you venture up or down a big river in a cabin ship. Unlike traditional cruises in the ocean, a river cruise offers beautiful sceneries as it passes through the countryside, towns, and cities. You are probably imagining a river cruise in the Amazon forest, which is scary and full of dangerous wild animals. Think across the pond in Europe, where you can enjoy a safer and more fulfilling experience.

What to expect from a river cruise

River cruises usually happen on riverboats that have rooms to accommodate tourists. The rooms come with a bathroom, your own TV and some provide WiFi. They also offer multiple meals and beverages every day, and some packages include alcoholic beverages. You may also find river cruise ships that have bars, restaurants, gyms, and swimming pools.

There are also regular stops during which you disembark the ship or boat and visit the nearby towns or cities. The ships usually have itineraries where passengers visit exotic land attractions and activities.  These features make river cruises quite exciting compared to cruise ships in the ocean, which take days or weeks before docking.

Popular river cruises

There are numerous European cruises to choose from. Here are some of the rivers where you will likely have the best river cruises in Europe.

  1. Douro River

Douro River cruises offer one of the best experiences if you want to tour Portugal and its countryside. The river also crosses into pain, and tourists get to enjoy a rich blend of culture. A trip lasts about eight days and will cost you between $2,180 and $4,190 per person.

  1. Seine River

Seine river cruise is a favorite for many, mainly because the river crosses through Paris, one of the world’s best tourist destinations. Cruising on this river for eight days costs between $2,025 and $6,000 per person.

  1. Rhône River

The Rhone cruise is ideal for anyone that wants to tour Southern France and the beautiful countrysides. Tickets for an eight-day trip cost between $2,000 and $5,600.

  1. Rhine River

This river crosses Switzerland and the Netherlands with beautiful countryside views featuring castles, vineyards, and other unique sites. It even crosses through cultural centers and cities, which passengers enjoy during the Rhine river cruise. Ticket prices cost between $2,300 and $4,400 per piece.

  1. Danube River

It is one of the most romantic ways to experience Germany and its culture. Danube river crosses the country and flows into the black sea. The cruise passes through Vienna and Budapest, and it features visits to cultural cities, classical music, and other excursions.

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