Why Seniors Depending On Medigap Plan F Should Prepare For Adjustment In 2020

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Medigap Plan F, otherwise called Medicare Plan F, is one of the most crucial plans of Medicare in the US. However, the supplement plan might not be available in 2020, according to the text of this law that was passed in Congress in April 2015. For seniors, this implies the need for adjustment in how they pay for medical care.

Plan F has many benefits for seniors

Medicare supplement plans like Plan F are crucial when it comes to making medical care affordable. The plans help policyholders to pay for healthcare costs that are not covered by the Medicare plan. Such costs include deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance. Plan F is just one of the 10 plans that make up the Medicare Supplement. Each plan has its benefits. For example, Plan F pays for the first three pints of blood for policyholders. Additionally, seniors can leverage Plan F to pay for skilled nursing facility coinsurance and Part A hospice care copayment.

Nevertheless, with the possibility of Plan F disappearing in 2020, seniors have no choice but to make adjustments. What kind of adjustments can they make?

Sign up for alternative supplement plans

The most obvious alternative is to sign up for other plans. For example, Medicare Supplement Plan C covers Part B deductibles. As such, signing up for the plan will help to offset the pinch of the inaccessibility of Plan F. Additionally, Plan G is another Medicare Supplement that is near similar to Plan F. With this plan, policyholders can access basic benefits that are similar to Plan F. The only exception is that Plan G policyholders will not access the deductible in Part B.

Carry out extensive research to determine if there is a need for adjustments

A little knowledge always makes a difference. As such, seniors will need to find out more information about Medicare Supplement plans in terms of availability and costs. With the information, policyholders will be able to determine if they need to take new plans or to simply add other plans to Plan F. The earlier this is done the better because the price of the plans might shoot up in the face of the adjustments. 

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