Why You Should Consider Pursuing A Career As Paralegal

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Are you passionate about the law, but you do not want to become a lawyer or judge due to the drama and pressure that comes with those types of jobs? The good news is that you can still seek a career in law as a paralegal.

A paralegal’s job description usually entails offering legal aid to lawyers. For example, a paralegal can conduct research or even interview witnesses or clients on behalf of a lawyer. They do not represent clients during trials, nor do they provide legal advice, but they are an important part of the legal process. If that does not convince you enough that a career as a paralegal is attractive, here are some other things to consider.

Paralegals earn decent money

A 2017 survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that the median paralegal salary in the U.S was $50,410. This is a decent annual salary for most people, but you might even earn more as a paralegal in the form of overtime pay or bonuses.

Paralegal jobs are highly flexible

Another exciting thing about working as a paralegal is that the job offers you the flexibility to select the areas they find most appealing to them. Some classes or programs may allow you to identify areas that appeal more to you, and then you can focus on those particular areas. Nevertheless, paralegals are trained in all matters regarding the law, which means that you will have significant knowledge to make the decision on which area you prefer.

Huge job opportunities and growth

Paralegal jobs are highly marketable, especially if you are well trained and have significant experience.  Among others, highly trained paralegals are highly sought-after by government agencies, corporate law firms, and real estate agencies. They are in high demand because the work done by paralegals can significantly help a company or organization generate more revenue. Paralegal jobs also provide a huge opportunity for growth, thus making them even more attractive.

It is an easier avenue for getting into law

Being a paralegal is the best avenue through which you can work within the corridors of law without investing too much time studying. Lawyers spend around 7 years studying and then they have to pass the bar so that they can practice their craft. You do not have to spend as much time studying to become a paralegal.  In fact, all you need is a few months of studying, and you can even study online. That being said, you will be at an advantage if you have obtained a paralegal certificate from a paralegal program that is ABA-approved and also if you have a bachelor’s degree in legal studies.

Prestige factor

There was a time, working as a paralegal was shunned upon, especially since it is seen as working for the lawyers. However, times have changed, and paralegal jobs are now recognized as prestigious, especially due to the complexities that are involved. Paralegals play important roles in companies and, thus, the increasing prestige factor.


There is more to being a paralegal than meets the eye. It turns out to be an exciting career path, especially for anyone passionate about law and one that is also quite rewarding.

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