Why Your Drain Requires Constant Cleaning

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For many homes, plumbing is one task that you cannot avoid, yet very few take time to adequately prepare and handle major pluming issues. Unfortunately, plumbing is one of the most stressful and expensive issues in a home. A little blockage of your drain may not seem a big deal in the first place. However, if not fixed in good time, the small problem can degenerate into a big plumbing problem.

There are several professional drain cleaning and plumbing services that you can use to fix the problem before getting out of control. This can help you save a lot of money and avert an emergency. Below are major signs that you need drain cleaning;

Slow drains

Objects and substances can block your drain and cause it to flow slower than normal. Foreign objects like soap, grease, and hair, among others, can create clogs that accumulate over time and make the drain slow. Constantly monitor your kitchen drains, washing machine, and shower to remove any sluggish flow in your drain.

Bad Odors

Foreign objects can accumulate in your drain, start decaying and cause an unpleasant smell. An unpleasant odor stemming from your drain may be a result of a serious plumbing issue that requires urgent fixing. The smell could be caused by waste or sewer gases in your drains.

Frequent clogs

Accumulation of foreign objects in your drain can cause it to clog constantly. This may require that you keep unclogging to maintain flow of water. It is advisable to bring a professional plumber to have the issue permanently fixed.

Fruit Flies

A sudden increase in fruit flies may not be a coincidence. The flies could be attracted by food remains that accumulate in your drain. This may require urgent cleaning to get rid of the flies as they are a nuisance and may also lead to health complications.

Unusual Noises

With your drain clogged, the water may cause unusual sounds as it flows through the pipes. This is because the water will have to find alternative routes or just push itself through the narrow pipes. Bubbling and gurgling sounds in your toilet or sink may be a serious drainage issue that requires fixing.

Why you may need Professional Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning helps get rid of organic elements from pipes and eliminates odor. Although drain cleaning may be a simple do-it-yourself exercise, you may need a professional drain cleaner to have the job done professionally and improve the results of the outcome. Below are reasons why you may need a professional drain cleaner:-

Reduces the Chances of a Clog – A professional drain cleaner is able to pinpoint and fix all issues with your drain. To unclog your drain, you may use an over-the-counter drain cleaner, but they are not highly recommended as they contain harsh chemicals that have great consequences on the environment. Besides, some of these solutions may be hazardous to your health. Using a professional drain cleaner helps keep your drain clean and clear.

Improve the Health of Your Family – Using a professional plumber to clear your drain saves you and your family the hustle of having to do it yourself. This reduces exposure to bacteria and mold and having to endure bad odors. Bacteria and mold can seriously impact your family’s health due to illnesses, infection, and other problems caused by exposure to micro-organisms.

Saves You Money and Time – Professional plumbers can timely pinpoint a problem with your drain and come up with an appropriate remedy. Hiring a plumber may attract minimal cost compared to issues that may come with clogs.

The methods of cleaning drain yourself may only offer short-term relief and remedy. To permanently fix the problem, you may need assistance of a professional plumber who can spot the problem and have it fixed. A plumber can know what is causing the blockage, be it cracks, blockage, or collapsed pipes.

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