Here Is Why You Should Avoid Working Out With Makeup For A Healthy Skin

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A recent study has demonstrated the the potential impact of wearing foundation during workouts on skin health, cautioning against the common practice of exercising with makeup on.

Texas A&M University-San Antonio researcher examined the effects of cosmetic foundation on skin conditions during physical activity. The study involved 43 healthy college students of both genders who engaged in a 20-minute treadmill exercise. Each participant had foundation cream applied to one side of their face while the other half remained untreated for comparison.

Exercising with makeup clogs skin pores and alters oil levels

After exercising, skin metrics such as moisture, elasticity, pore size, sebum production, and oil levels were observed. Both areas with and without foundation showed increased moisture and elasticity due to sweat-induced hydration. However, foundation usage had mixed effects: it potentially trapped moisture but also caused clogged pores, higher sebum production, and oil level imbalances.

The study identified four main observations:

  1. Exercise, coupled with foundation wear, enhances skin moisture and elasticity. Foundation may aid in locking in moisture, leading to higher hydration levels post-exercise.
  2. Pores tend to expand after exercise to cool the body. However, wearing makeup, particularly foundation, appears to restrict this expansion, potentially leading to clogged pores.
  3. Sebum levels notably increase in areas covered by foundation after exercise, suggesting that makeup may impede the skin’s natural sebum regulation process.
  4. Exercising without makeup seems to promote better balance in skin oil levels. Foundation-wearing areas experience a decrease in oil levels post-workout, indicating a potential contribution of cosmetics to skin dryness.

Avoid makeup when working out for a healthy skin

The study advocates reconsidering makeup use during exercise due to potential skin health issues. While wanting to appear good while sweating is common, it’s crucial to acknowledge the impact on skin. For dry or acne-prone skin, evidence suggests going makeup-free during workouts promotes skin breathing, temperature regulation, and balances moisture and oil naturally.

To maintain healthy skin, Dr. Dongsun Park from Korea National University of Education recommends exercising without makeup. This suggestion prioritizes skin health.

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