Niantic’s ‘Harry Potter Go’ Game – Everything You Need to Know

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The official name of the game is Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. It’s Niantic’s new mobile game using similar technology used in Pokemon Go. Sounds interesting, but it’s still too early to speculate how good it will be, as there isn’t even a specific release date yet.

No one knows much about the game, but I can give you some details I managed to find. I’m sure you want to know about this since it’s Harry Potter for God’s sake! Plus, it’s going to be like Pokemon Go! If that doesn’t sound interesting than I don’t know what does…

Anyway, Niantic is making the game and they are deep in collaboration with Warner Bros. Since Niantic is making it, we can expect the game to be much like their previous games, but they have already stated that it will still be groundbreaking and very much new. So you can expect a lot of walking and searching for things in the real world. Just like in Pokemon Go. But how will this transfer to the wizarding world, I have no idea. We’ll just have to wait and see when there’s more news about the game.

At least it was revealed that you will be able to discover and fight magical creatures, just like in Pokemon Go basically. But you will also be able to learn and cast spells, join others and attack enemies together, and all in all, build up your wizarding prowess. An interesting thing is that you’ll be able to use your phone as a wand to cast spells, which sounds amazing to me! And yes, there will be duels as well.

The game will also be under a new publishing label created by Warner Bros – Portkey Game. It also won’t be the only game that we’ll get, that’s set in Rowling’s magical world. They also have plans to make plenty of other games set in the wizarding world.

Oh, and the game is most likely to be released in the second half of 2018.

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