Relationship Weight Gain Is A Thing, And There Are Measures You Can Take To Avoid It

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Many people tend to gain weight when they enter into a relationship, which researchers call relationship weight gain. Unfortunately, it may result in detrimental health for the couple.

Research reveals that newlywed couples have a higher probability of gaining weight than couples who have been together for years. Scientists conducted a study involving 8,000 participants. They discovered that married women tend to gain roughly 24 pounds within the first five years of their marriage. Couples in a relationship but still living separate gain roughly 15 pounds while cohabiting couples gain 18 pounds on average.

The relationship weight gain phenomenon was also observed in men, although there was not much of a difference between those in a cohabiting relationship and those in a marriage. Researchers concluded that couples usually gain weight while in relationships because they do not need to attract a mate anymore, so they do not need to lose weight.

Researchers believe that there is a direct correlation between relationship status and weight loss. They also claim that relationship weight gain could be contagious, particularly when partners live in close proximity. This is because they tend to eat similar foods and have the same lifestyle.

Steps to overcoming relationship weight gain

Avoiding relationship weight gain comes down to the lifestyle activities that couples adopt. Here are some of the steps that researchers recommend to avoid this phenomenon.

  • Switch to a healthy diet that largely includes home-cooked meals that have low carolies.
  • Select healthier activities for date nights. Many couples spend date nights eating out and drinking high-calorie drinks. Switching to healthier menus and yoga and fitness activities during date night will put you on a healthier path.
  • Working out together to motivate each other will help keep the weight in check while also providing some bonding time.
  • Having more control over your snack can also make a huge difference, especially if you choose healthier snacks.
  • Make time for conversations that will allow you to reconnect with your partner.

These activities coupled with healthy sleep levels and dropping vices such as too much alcohol and smoking will help you avoid relationship weight gain.

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