The World’s Highest-Paid Actresses in 2017

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I wanted to make a single list of all actors, both male and female, but that didn’t work out as you can see.

Emma Watson $14m

How can there be a list of this sorts without Emma Stone? The former Harry Potter superstar appeared in two movies in 2017. The Circle was a flop and the Beauty and the Beast live-action remake grossed over a billion dollars! It’s weird she didn’t get a higher salary though…

Mila Kunis $15.5m

People may be stopping her in the streets just to say “Shut up, Meg!”, but she is still laughing with her bucket-loads of cash she keeps on earning. She’s not working too much though, she only appeared in the second Bad Moms movie in 2017. Mila is still the voice of Meg in Familly Guy though!

Melissa McCarthy $18m

I’m quite surprised to see her here, but yeah, she is indeed. Most of the money she earned came from several movies she appeared in in 2017. However, she will always remain our favorite Sean Spicer impersonator.

Jennifer Lawrence $24m

She has been no. 1 for the last 2 years, but 2017 changed that. She made most of this from movies like Mother! and the Red Sparrow, but also from her workings with Dior.

Jennifer Aniston $25.5m

The “old” Friends star is still as popular as one can get. She makes some money from movies, but it’s mostly from other things. Several endorsements are helping with the earnings the most. Jennifer also has some stakes in other businesses.

Emma Stone $26m

She is number 1 for the first time, mostly because of La La Land. It was the most talked about and watched movie of the year, deservingly so. It’s just a shame that the highest paid actress is miles away from the highest paid actor…

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